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Conviction rate in sexual assault cases dismal in Adilabad

Adilabad: ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’, a legal maxim is used often to describe the impact of lethargic process of investigation. It seems the investigating officials of erstwhile Adilabad are not keen on changing the sluggish pace in solving cases of sexual assaults against women. Even as the district is registering a rise in such cases, the rate of conviction is incredibly poor.

Erstwhile Adilabad district recorded 857 crimes against women from 2012 to 2016. It saw over 60 cases of rape in 2017. This means, it is registering on an average 180 sexual offences against women per annum. Alarmingly, 303 cases of rape were reported, while 156 women were forced to end lives due to several reasons, including domestic violence. And, 90 women were murdered in the past five years.

But, barely 123 accused were convicted against 900 cases of sexual offences reported between 2012 and 2017, indicting torpid progress in probing in the cases. The remaining cases are still at the stage of investigation, following apathy of investigating officials in gathering relevant evidences of crimes against women.

However, the delay in probing an offence is proving to be a bane to women as they are subjected to discrimination and mental trauma. “The victims of these offences bear the brunt of delay in the process of investigation. Similarly, perpetuators can move freely, terrorising the victims. Also, the crime rate may go up due to the apathy in holding probes,” S Sudheer Kumar, a lawyer from Adilabad, opined.

Interference by local public representatives in the process of probing and corruption among investigating officials are attributed to delay in investigation.

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