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Auto-starters to be removed from Telangana farm pumpsets from Dec 5

Hyderabad: The free uninterrupted, quality power supplied 24×7 to the agriculture sector on an experimental basis in Telangana State has been a success, paving the way for launching the scheme from January 1. Based on the experiment, the Electricity department officials apprised Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on Sunday for issuing guidelines to be followed by farmers to prevent complications in continuous power supply when it is formally rolled out.

Following instructions from the Chief Minister, the officials have decided to conduct a special drive to remove auto-starters on agriculture pump sets from December 5. Officers and public representatives would educate farmers on the need to remove auto-starters to conserve ground water levels.

Though the experimental scheme was initially started on November 6 and proposed to be tested for five-six days, the officials of Electricity department extended it for two weeks for in-depth study of overload of uninterrupted power supply from 400 KV sub-stations to transformers. Power was supplied to nearly 23 lakh pump sets across the State. The officials have decided to resume nine-hour power supply commencing from the intervening night of November 20 and 21 (Monday midnight).

TSTransco and TSGenco chairman and managing director D Prabhakar Rao who met the Chief Minister at Pragathi Bhavan on Sunday, explained the preparations for the 24×7 power supply and also necessary precautions to make it a success.

In his appraisal, Prabhakar Rao said that due to the experimental power supply, the Electricity department could work out the power demand, peak hour demand and additional load on the State power network as well as power availability at transformer level, sub-station level and district level. “A majority of farmers are using pump sets during the daytime leading to additional load during the period. Since we had made arrangements and had planned in advance, we did not encounter any problem during the 24-hour supply. We have decided to take precautionary measures in places where the pump sets’ number is high,” he said.

Officials observed that some farmers were running the pump sets for 24 hours leading to depletion of ground water and suggested for removal of auto-starters pump sets. Chandrashekhar Rao suggested judicious usage of water failing which the 24-hour power supply will not serve any purpose. He wanted the field level officers to educate farmers in this regard.

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