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2BHK housing still a distant dream for many beneficiaries

Mahabubnagar: Chintakayala Kurumurthy (35), a resident of Nizalapur village of Moosapet mandal was identified by the village administration as an eligible beneficiary for the State government’s prestigious 2BHK scheme. Though being the most deserving of all the beneficiaries identified, he may not be able to see a proper roof above his head anytime soon, as the village administration is allegedly asking him and others like him to shell out more than Rs 1 lakh to build a 2BHK house.

The problem is understandable because, according to G Bhemaiah, brother of the village sarpanch, only Rs 4.20 lakh to Rs 4.30 lakh was being given for construction of each 2BHK house. Due to contractors not coming forward to take up the project and scarcity of government land in the village, there was no option but to purchase private lands to construct the houses.

According to him, Rs 60,000 was being collected from each beneficiary as their contribution for purchasing land. However, according to the beneficiaries, they were being asked to shell out an additional Rs 70,000 to pay the contractor and some more money to pay the carpenter, plumber and so on. This would mean each beneficiary is being expected to shed anywhere between Rs 1.20 lakh and Rs 1.30 lakh to own a 2BHK house.

Unfortunately, for people like Kurumurthy, who earns a living by doing daily-wage work as a construction worker, this amount is huge and unaffordable. Kurumurthy lives in a dilapidated planked house which could come down any moment. He has covered the roof with a plastic cover so that rain water doesn’t seep-in. Six people including his mother, wife and children are living in two dark rooms without an electricity connection. Due to the space problem, his brother along with his wife; has been living in a rented house across the street in SC colony. Kurumurthy’s father had expired three years ago due to a medical condition and the entire family responsibility is on him. His two sons are currently studying in primary and anganwadi government schools. He owns only half-an-acre of agricultural land.

Right across his house is another house (more like a hut), with its door locked from outside. It is the house of Chintakayala Balakishtamma and Ramachandraiah. They waited for the 2BHK house to be allotted to them, but because they were being asked to pay money for land and contractor, they migrated to Bangalore to work as construction workers there. The problem is that they took their children along with them. Their elder daughter stopped going to school just a month before her SSC final exam and the younger daughter aged 13 and their son aged 9 have left the village to work along with their parents. They are expected to return only by Dasara festival next year.

Though the villagers understand the efforts being put-in by the village administration in ensuring housing for all, they certainly feel that asking beneficiaries to pay money would deter genuine beneficiaries from paying the amount which they would not be able to afford anyways. On top of that, the villagers feel that the scheme may benefit non-beneficiaries including those who can afford to pay money for 2BHK houses, unless the State government takes steps to raise the cap from Rs 4.20 lakh to Rs 5.50 lakh for construction of each house in their village.

As for achieving the objectives of the scheme, at least 260 more houses need to be built in Nizalapur to provide housing for every family in the village.

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